Julie Vielvoije Photography

Freelance fashion photographer                                                 Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Graduated from Willem de Kooning Academie and exchange on Paris College of Art.

Studio & Office in Rotterdam, Delftsestraat 33


Invito, Samsung, Marcez.com, MoreStyleThanFashion, Winkelstraat.nl, ISH-Jewels, MET-CODE, Paardenkracht, Antaban, Michael Barnaart, Cowboysbag, Lureaux, Kappersakademie 


Lost in Amsterdam, i-D Magazine, F.A.L.L. Magazine, Elegant Magazine, New Dutch Photo Talent 2016 (GUP), HUF Magazine, Fizzy Magazine, Design Scene, Le Mile Magazine, ATLAS Magazine, Haute Punch Magazine


Nicky Onderwater, Justine Leenarts


  • 2017 Beyond the Muted Darkness        
  • 2016 WDKA Finals graduation event
  • 2016 NEW Talent 2016 (GUP)
  • 2015 Next Gallery        

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